VBScript program to determine if a given user account is locked out. The program prompts for a user name. This should be the NT logon name of the user, also known as the "pre-Windows 2000 logon name" or the sAMAccountName. If the associated user account is not locked out, the program indicates this and terminates. Otherwise, the program displays when the account was locked out and when the account will be unlocked due to the domain policy. Then the program asks if the account should be unlocked. If the user answers "No", the account is left alone. If the user answers "Yes", the account is unlocked.

This program should work on any 32-bit Windows client that can log onto the domain. Windows NT and Windows 98/95 clients should have DSClient installed. If DSClient is not installed, they need WSH and ADSI installed. If the user attempts to unlock the account, they need sufficient rights.

The program can be run with either the cscript or wscript hosts.

IsUserLocked.txt <<-- Click here to view or download the program