Free VBScript and PowerShell script programs that demonstrate techniques useful in the administration of Active Directory and client computers. All of the programs have been renamed as text files with the extension ".txt", to prevent interference by virus detection programs. You should rename the VBScript examples to have a ".vbs" extension and the PowerShell scripts to have a ".ps1" extension. The programs are grouped in the following categories:

Programs demonstrating various functions to test for group membership.

Sample logon scripts, with group membership tests and drive and printer mapping.

Programs to document and administer groups.

Programs to document and administer users.

Programs demonstrating advanced techniques. Fancy code using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Excel.

Programs to document and deal with various attributes of objects in Active Directory.

Programs to search Active Directory for objects meeting your criteria.

Programs to deploy security fixes and scan for viruses.

Programs to generate pseudo random numbers. Also discussion of precision in VBScript, randomness tests, and Base64 encoding and decoding.

PowerShell scripts that perform the same functions as several of the VBScript programs on this site.