Sample VBScript and PowerShell programs demonstrating advanced techniques. These are useful in developing programs with a professional look for others.

Program demonstrating how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to display a file open dialog to the user and determine the file selected.

Program demonstrating how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to display a dynamic dialog box. The message in the box can be changed to indicate progress in the program. The program can detect when the user closes the dialog box and take appropriate action. An equivalent PowerShell script is included.

Program demonstrating how to write information to cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Program demonstrating how to read information from cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Determine how many times each declared variable and user defined constant is used in each context. Used to find variables and constants that are no longer used.

Four VBScript programs demonstrating how to read lines from a comma delimited file and convert each line into an array of field values.

Program to find all files that contain one or more (up to 3) specified text strings.

Program to test regular expression patterns and their affect on strings.

Program to find which line in a specified file corresponds to a specified line number.

Programs to convert the code in a specified file into HTML, so it can be pasted into a Microsoft forum message using the "Edit HTML Source" feature. The HTML ensures that spacing is maintained and a fixed width font is used. A script is also included to convert an Excel spreadsheet into an HTML table.

Program to calculate the McAlpine EFLAW(TM) Readability Score of text in a specified file.

VBScript program to parse a TechNet Wiki article HTML for problems, many of which affect the Table of Contents feature.